Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Octuplets

I just have to write something about this situation. There is a special on Dateline, so I might chat a little while they are interviewing her. Enjoy!

I think it is interesting that this Nadia's mother would not speak to Dateline, that seems a little odd. 
........ commercial break .........
Ok, back to the mother, Nadia. I read an article on her situation the other day, it was very interesting. My heart aches for her. She has been called all sorts of terrible names by people who do not even know her. I must admit that I do think she has a problem, a problem that a lot of women have. It seems that she has turned her worship, worth and life toward children. It seems that her need for children is really a distortion of her need for Jesus Christ. I don't think this is an uncommon issue among women, others just don't have a spotlight on them like this lady. 
........... back to the show ............
She had 6 children in 5 1/2 years. That would make me crazy being a happily married mama! I have to wonder if she would be given the same attention if she were happily married and having children in this time frame. Here is the question that offends me, "You have six healthy children, what would possess you to want another baby?" Again, I have to wonder if she would be asked this if she were married and having babies naturally. Our society certainly things six kids is more than enough. Heck, they think three kids is only acceptable if your first two are the same gender. And, if the third is the opposite, well then you must be done and tying the tubes! 

I have to wonder why the doctor harvested so many eggs to begin with. I totally understand why she did not want to throw any away, but again, why did they take so many to start with! She says that 6 embryos were implanted each time she went through IVF. Now they are questioning her for not "selectively eliminating" any of the babies. Again, if she was willing to throw a baby away, wouldn't she have done it before the implantation instead of after the babies started growing? The way the other people are talking about Nadia makes her sound like a baby hoarder for wanting to give all of her babies a chance at life. Ah, my thoughts are all over the place about this. 

Okay, that's enough commentating. I think we've all spent at least a few minutes thinking about this mother's situation. Like I said before, I think she is suffering from a problem that we all have. We are all created to worship the one true God, Jesus Christ, and we all turn that worship to sinful things. In this case it is having children and being a mother, for me it is often what people think of my parenting. The real issue here is not baby hoarding, but a heart issue. I think we should all be praying that this mother and all women who want children will first seek the will of our Father and have peace in His will.

(hope this makes a little bit of sense!)


Cathy said...

WOW, Robin!! What a wise young lady you are!! You "hit the nail on the head" with all your comments. Maybe Ann Curry should interview you!

lindsayw4 said...

I just watched this too. I think this mother definitely has a problem. A problem with trying to fill a void she feels, with children, that can only be filled with God. The main problem I have, is why did she want more children when she can't even afford the ones she has? I think it is different when there is a couple who can provide for their children, financially, emotionally and spritually who want to have a lot of children, I just don't think this women can do all these things by herself with fourteen children. But, I do think we need to pray for this woman and her children instead of casting judgement on her. Thanks for your thoughts, I'd been thinking about this too.