Saturday, February 7, 2009

If you have a dog....

there are a few items that you MUST get! Ok, maybe you don't have to have them, but they have certainly made our dog owning experience much more enjoyable. And now I will share them with you!

  • A crate or kennel. Our dogs have slept in a crate almost every night of their lives. This is also a great "safe place" for them that the kiddos are not allowed in. It also works well as a timeout spot for the dog when I am about to lose it.
  • A Gentle Leader. This has done wonders for our walks. We still look like the circus, but at least we can all get a little exercise! You must picture our double stroller, two dogs on the right side and a pregnant lady. It's no wonder we get strange looks and frequent laughs, but we have to keep the pounds off one way or the other!
  • The Fur Buster. This brush is perfect for dogs with an undercoat or long hair. I was shocked at the amount of hair that came off of Piper the first time I used it! I am hoping it will really cut down on the hair in our house this spring and summer.
  • A Chuck It. This is Piper's obsession. I love it because I can throw the ball for her without ever touching the ball. Also, I don't hurt my shoulder trying to give her a good run. This thing works with very little effort and wears a dog out quickly!
  • A second dog. This might sound crazy, but having a second dog has made a world of difference for Piper. Just by adding a playmate, Piper is less demanding and enjoys more entertainment and exercise. Yes, the vet bills, dog food and heart guard have increased, but the demands on me are so much less that I count it as worth it!
So, if you are looking to get a dog or have one that is driving you crazy, these are a few things that have greatly improved our relationship with our k9!

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