Friday, February 20, 2009

A fun morning

Today is supposed to be my "clean house" day. So, this morning I was putting away the laundry that has been folded since Tuesday and got side tracked by Boaz's clothes that are too small for him. We are having some friend's babysit tonight, and I want the house to be clean for them........ why did I feel the need to put his clothes away today??? Anyway, as I was getting bins from the shed I noticed a couple of Canadian geese in the grass across the street from our house. *side note: It was 10 a.m. and all of us were still in our pjs. So, I ran inside and told Canon to put some shoes on. I put some pants and shoes on, grabbed Boaz and some bread and out we went. I was sure the geese would fly off, but as soon as we started throwing bread in their direction they liked us! Canon and I stood in the street throwing bread towards them for a while. One would eat and the other would straighten his neck out and keep watch. Boaz wanted to have fun too, so he asked for a piece of bread. I thought he might try to throw it, but he ate it instead! Canon needed a bite to eat too. Thankfully the geese did not come up to the pieces of bread Canon had thrown until after we came back inside the house. I was a little worried that they would attack us. But after finishing our bread Canon and I decided the geese must be from the zoo. They definitely have been fed by people before, but know to keep there distance!

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Lisa said...

How fun! I thought it was cute that Boaz ate the bread!