Sunday, March 29, 2009

1 week old

I can't believe Olivia is a week old already. This has been one of the busiest weeks of my life and it has flown by. We started out the week with our baby girl being in the NICU and completely exhausted. Monday Albert's dad left. Tuesday Olivia and I came home. Wednesday Olivia had a doctor's appointment and later that day was put on the bili lights. Thursday Olivia had a blood draw and was taken off of the lights. Friday Boaz had a doctor's appointment and began nebulizer treatments. Saturday it snowed! In addition to all of this, I have been sick and now Albert is feeling a little under the weather. Hopefully this week will be a little slower.

We did venture out to the park today. It was pretty windy, but 65 degrees. I could not stay in the house any longer! Canon rode his new bike and did an awesome job. We won't be able to keep up with him before too long.

A couple of other events that squeezed their way into our week: we moved the pack n' play into our room. I never thought I'd let a baby sleep in our room. Our house is just so small that that seems to be the best place for her. It hasn't been too bad, since she's a pretty good sleeper, but hopefully Boaz will be ready for the big boy bed soon and she can transition into the crib. Our other exciting event is that we made it to the Just Between Friends sale. When Olivia was born on Sunday, I thought the sale was totally out. But, by Saturday, we were looking for somewhere to walk around. So, we headed out to the fair grounds for about 45 minutes just before the sale ended. Everything was pretty well picked over, but we did find a couple of good deals. There shouldn't be anything stopping us from shopping this fall though!

Here's our week in pictures:

^Nurse Bobbie, our NICU nurse who worked so hard to get Olivia out!
^Boaz's nebulizer mask.

^Canon enjoying Daddy being home so much!
My three little ones!


Tina's Tidbits said...

I absolutely stand in awe of you girl! 3 little ones under 3, and time to document your life and blog. WOW! I am so glad your mom shared your blog link with me. I LOVE IT! I was also inspired to create one myself. Feel free to check it out.

I talked to your mom that other day and filled me in with how busy you are and that you are planning on moving back to Florida soon. I know you will be glad to be with your family again and I am sure you will welcome some help with the little ones. Not to mention bonding with the grandparents, Aunt Rebecca and new cousin and Uncle Ryan.

Congratulations on your beautiful family.

Ms. Tina

Lauren McClain said...

You ARE superwoman! I can vouch for you!

And is Albert REALLY in that laundry basket??? :)