Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daily Digest 3

Things are starting to settle in around here. I am feeling a lot better and did not even have a coughing fit when I went to bed last night. I don't think I sound like I just woke up any more either. So, that is nice. My uterus is contracting back down to size and about 6 of the cramps hurt so bad last night that I thought about calling the doctor. It was really painful. This morning Albert asked if I was worried there was another baby in there. I said no, that I was worried it was a different organ besides my uterus and something was wrong. Those few in a row did keep me up, but thankfully they went away. My abdomen is hurting from coughing so much, but maybe I'll have great abs again soon! I'm finding that I need to pump to help me function well and this morning I pumped for 15 minutes and got 9 ounces! I always feel like pumping is a competition and gives me great excitement when I'm able to pump so much. Just off of that one "pump session" I could feed Olivia for 4 1/2 feedings or 12 hours! Isn't it amazing that God made our bodies work this way???

Olivia is doing great! We have been given another "easy" baby. I'm sure her dark side will come out as soon as I post this, but she is a little sweety. She's on a pretty good three hour rotation. She only stays awake a little bit during the day. At night she sputters a bit, nurses for like 2 minutes and is back asleep for another three hour stretch. This morning all of us slept until about 7:40 a.m. That is unheard of in the House of Duck, and especially with a newborn! I guess we just all really needed the rest.

Boaz is getting much better! This is such a relief. He didn't even fight Albert to do his nebulizer treatment this morning. He just sat their calmly and enjoyed the smokey medicine. He has decided that we are trying to take his nose off when we wipe the boogers away, but hopefully he will relax about this again soon. This morning he was playing, laughing, walking around and eating again. It's awesome to have our little boy back! I don't know if everyone is like this, but when my kiddos are sick for a couple of days, I forget what they are like normally and think these battles will continue forever. I love the change back to normal!

Canon is great! He has a lot of energy pinned up. Between traveling back and forth to the hospital and crazy winter weather, he has not had much outside play time. This time is critical for my boys. We just all get along better when we can get a little energy out outside. Canon is doing well though. He and Daddy have been having some extra wrestling sessions and we've watched just about every movie we own. Hopefully our movie marathon will subside soon and we can head back outside.

I think that covers us. Albert is still doing great. He has had some special bonding with the boys due to the weather and illness and we both think this week at home has been a real blessing!

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badger girl said...

i love the new family picture in your profile, you all look great! can you take some motrin for your contractions? my doctor told me i could take up to 800 mg, check with your doctor if you have another nasty stretch! :)