Friday, March 27, 2009

Daily Digest 2

Yesterday we received a call around noon telling us that Olivia's bilirubin number was down to 11.3 and we could take her off of the lights. We were to keep the lights here in case her number went back up, but she didn't have to use them!!! What a relief. So, after naps we ventured out to Target for a little walking. We really didn't need anything and would have preferred to just go for a walk, but it was too cold to walk around outside. So, we walked a bit, came home and ate dinner and watched "Finding Nemo." Nothing too eventful.

Yesterday I set up an appointment for Boaz with the doctor. His grumpiness was getting a little out of control. Shortly after setting up the appointment I gave Boaz some tylenol and he seemed to perk up. Several times we thought we should cancel the appointment. I figured I would call first thing this morning to cancel if he seemed fine. Well, our little guy was not so fine when he woke up. Albert took him to the doctor while I waited for the nurse to come and draw Olivia's blood. Come to find out, our little guy has an ear infection and is wheezing. They did a nebulizer treatment in the office and sent him for a chest x-ray. Once they got home, he had a temp of 102.2. So, for the next few days Boaz will be having nebulizer treatments every few hours along with Tylenol and another prescription. Hopefully he will be back to himself soon!

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badger girl said...

Sending up some get well prayers!