Friday, March 20, 2009

36 (or 38) weeks

I'm tired. That pretty much sums up this week of pregnancy. The baby is moving well. I think she is rolling her fists across my hip and pelvic bones. I think she's getting pretty crowded though. I only really feel her when I lay down or am driving in the car. I am still having several contractions a day, but nothing close enough to measure. I've had a few contractions that I had to sort of breath through. They were painful enough to be labor contractions, but I've only had one at a time. I have an appointment on Monday, so hopefully that will be pretty eventful. Albert is gone this weekend, so I am hoping for no activity this weekend, then to hit the ball running on Monday! 

My sweet father-in-law came to spend the weekend with us just in case I go into labor. Today we drove across town to get Boaz some little sandals and I showed my FIL the general route to the hospital. I told him that I should be able to help with directions along the way unless I am having back labor. Then, he might be on his own. Let's all pray for NO back labor!

We found out this week that Albert's next deployment will begin April 24th. I am thinking about talking to my doctor about inducing on the 10th if the baby hasn't come yet. This will give Albert two weeks with his little girl and helping me, before being gone for a month. To be honest, I am hoping to not be pregnant on the 10th, so hopefully we won't have to worry about this. But it is crossing my mind.

In other news, I have felt this little one have the hiccups. That is something that I haven't felt with either of the boys. It always makes me laugh a little and tell her that she can't grow too much.

The other day I was mailing a package at UPS and the clerk said it looked like I dropped a little. Now, I've never seen this lady before, so her opinion is not well educated or valid, but it made me hopeful. I guess we'll see on Monday.

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