Friday, March 13, 2009

35 (or 37) Weeks

Today I am at least 35 weeks, possibly 37. Everything is going pretty well. I think my hips are starting to spread. They and my pubic bone are sore every time I wake up. I had an appointment on Monday. My weight gain is a bit more than I would like it to be, but my doctor is happy with it. She measured my belly and said, "You've definitely grown!" To which I responded, "Does that mean I'm due on the 4th?" She said that she wouldn't say that's not my due date. She checked me and said I am a good 1 cm and 50% effaced. This is better news than being told everything is sealed up tight, but I was hoping for a bit higher number. Maybe next time. My blood pressure and the baby's heart rate were fine, though I can't remember the numbers.

In other news, my ribs are killing me this morning. She's sitting so low that I can hardly sit with my knees together and even when I'm standing my ribs hurt. I guess those are minor complaints though and I have had a good pregnancy. 

Canon keeps saying, "Baby sister come out soon." I hope he's right. I was hoping to make it through the Just Between Friends sale, the end of March. But, now I am just hoping to make it through our friend's wedding on the 21st. Albert will leave on the 20th and come home on the 22nd. My dad-in-law will be here while Albert is gone. Then, we are working on getting this baby out! 


Leatrice said...

Hey! I'm going to the just between friends sale tomorrow in Tucson! It'll be my first time.

Lisa said...

The baby will be here before you know it! So glad Albert will be around for the birth!

Lauren McClain said...

Oh Robin!!! I'm so excited!!! She'll be here before you know it!!! I can't wait to meet her!

Cathy said...

What's the Just Between Friends Sale? Em and I can hardly wait for your sweet baby girl to arrive! Love, Nan