Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cradle Cap

I'm not sure how many of you have battled cradle cap, but hopefully you can relate. When B was about a month old, I noticed that his head was flaky. C never had cradle cap, so I wasn't exactly sure of what to do. I did remember my friend, Lisa, saying that her little girl had cradle cap and she was picking up a cream from T@rget. So, we headed to T@rget. Any time I go to T@rget or W@l-mart for one specific item, they are always out. Such was the case on this day. I waited a couple of days and went back. Thankfully they had the cream and we started the process that night. The first time we used it, B's head smelled awful. I remember thinking that if it smelled that bad every time, we might just have to deal with the flakes. After a couple more uses, his little head smelled normal again. All of that to say, I think we have beat the cradle cap! I was snuggling B this morning and noticed that his scalp was nice and clear. This was a small thing to deal with, but I'm glad it's over. Sometimes cradle cap can get pretty nasty. So, I'm glad it's all cleared up!

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Lisa & Travis said...

Glad it went away so quickly! Addison's was much more difficult to get rid of. I also had cradle cap really bad when I was little; I even remember having it when I was a toddler. Yucky stuff!!