Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mr. B

I feel like I am talking about C a lot, but B is growing in his own ways. He his holding his head up longer and enjoying sitting in his Bumbo seat. He also loves to watch his big brother be a crazy man. He could laugh at his daddy all day long and boy, does he love to snuggle. Now that the weather is turning to spring, Waddle has found himself loving the outdoors. He almost never cries when we are outside. Our neighbor loaned us a beach umbrella so B can sit in the shade. He really enjoys that, along with rides in the stroller or the front pack carrier. Pretty much any outside activity is good for him as long as you keep the wind out of his face. Yesterday he watched me move garden bricks all over the place.

Both of the boys love being outdoors. C has recently taken to the mower. All day long he asks about the "mower." Little do these two boys know that within 10 years they will be our yard boys! No more mowing the lawn for this mama! I hope they still love being outside then.

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