Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mr. Helpful

As I've mentioned before, C loves to help with yard work and some small tasks around the house. Any time I have the broom or dustpan out, he tries to take it from me. I often find him in the closet playing with the vacuum. And we really can not touch anything in the yard without him being right there. Last night I was running the water for the boy's bath and C wanted to help. Normally, when the boys are in the tub, I'll let C pour water on B's feet or belly. But, I try to encourage him to only pour the water on himself. He is not the best aim which can be a little frightening for B. So, last night both of the boys were in the bathroom while I was running the water. C was in his bouncer, C standing right beside me. C reached into the tub and grabbed the cup that we pour water with. I'm not sure if I blinked for a long time, or was pressing the mat into the bottom of the tub or what, but the next thing I know, B is crying and has a couple drops of water on him. I fussed at C and wiped the few drops away. Then, I put C in the tub and reached over to get B. The entire backside of B was soaking wet. The cup must have been totally full when C "bathed" B. He must have poured it more towards the back of B's head and straight down his back, thankfully!

Today was a little less eventful, and better directed. We had to fill the bird feeder and C wanted to help again. He did a great job listening to my direction and I poured the food into the feeder. He just was so intrigued that he managed to get his head right between my head and the feeder, making it very hard to see where I was pouring. He is quite the curious little guy.

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Lisa & Travis said...

I love it when they try to be so helpful (except when it turns into "not so helpful" was the case with water over Bo's head!) They love to do what mommie is doing. We have a little handheld dustbuster vacuum and anytime I vacuum, Addison uses that one. She follows me around with it and has so much fun "helping!"