Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mail order

I always think of several things to blog about throughout the day, then when I have time my mind goes blank. So, I will try to remember everything, but my memory might lend itself to several small post. Enjoy!

Recently, I have found myself enjoying on-line shopping much more than actually going to a mall. While shopping on-line, I can quickly check prices and quantity at several different stores. Also, I do not have to load and unload two little ones, change poop diapers or nurse in public. All that to say, I can get a lot of shopping done pretty quickly if I don't leave my house. The part that I am not enjoying is returning. Returning something or exchanging it in the store is not the most fun thing, but through the mail it is even less fun. Today was a return day. Actually, I have needed to mail a couple of things back for several weeks, but I don't enjoy going to the post office. The post office workers are never in a hurry, and I can never guess how long it will actually take to get something mailed. I've been there sometimes and it has taken more than half an hour. Today, thankfully, we were the only ones there. So, I was able to get my two items in the mail pretty quickly. Let's hope the company will get the items back to me before I go out of town!

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