Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She breaks his heart

C and Piper (our dog) have the sweetest relationship. They are just 3 1/2 months apart in age and do not know life without each other. These days, Piper is enjoying C's ability to drop food all over the place and get distracted while eating. The other day C was enjoying a bagel for breakfast. Piper was sitting patiently, right by his side. The moment that he lowered the bagel and her tongue could reach it, she took it. He burst into tears. You would have thought someone pushed him down. It was very sad.

He seems to have recovered the relationship though. Today Piper was laying on the floor and C decided to roll around on the ground next to her. He was putting his feet in her face and I think a finger might have gone into one nostril. She came out the winner again however, noticing some crumbs on his face, she quickly removed them! Above are a couple of pics of their growing friendship.

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