Monday, April 14, 2008


We have had a couple of exciting things happen the last couple of weeks that I have neglected to write about. First, B slept through the night three nights in a row. He will be sleeping through the night more now that Albert is gone and I do not have to worry about him going without rest due to crying. Second, my skinny jeans fit again! For all of you new moms out there, I know that you can relate. My hips definitely spread during my pregnancy and delivery with B and I had pretty much decided that they would never go back together. I actually became okay about it. Then, my bigger jeans started to be really baggy and I thought....well, I'll try my skinny jeans one more time, I'm sure they won't fit, but it's worth a try. Up to this point, I could not get the button any where near the hole. Even if I could, they were so tight everywhere else, I was certain they would rip if I moved. Little did I know, they fit! It was quite an exciting day. Third, we spent a family day at the zoo on Saturday. We love going to the zoo and always look for something new and exciting that the animals are doing. On this day, we saw a Mama and Daddy goose with seven goslings. I thought this was a pretty amazing sight, then it got better. We were standing near the edge of the lake, about four feet up from the water. The Daddy tucked his head under the railing, moved down a couple of feet, tucked his head under again, and jumped in. The Mama followed. Then, one by one the little goslings jumped in the water. I was shocked, then quickly thought, "This is a great teaching moment." I turned to C and said, "did you see how well those little goslings obeyed their mama and daddy? They set a very good example for you. You need to obey your mama and daddy like the goslings obeyed their mama and daddy." Who knows how much he understood, but I do intend on using this one in the future!

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