Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mommy Moment

This afternoon I took the boys to the park. Canon usually plays a little and watches the other kids play. He likes to tell adults "Hi" and chase the squirrels. Well, today was a treat. There was only one other family at they left shortly after we got there. This left Canon to his own entertainment. He commented on several men and women running and a police car that drove by. Then, while playing on the car I hear him shout, "Hey fat man!" He has been known to shout "Hey Man." But this was a first. I quickly told him that we do not shout "Hey Man!" but he could say "hello" to the man and that was more polite. After further evaluation I realized that he was actually saying "hey that man." I was very relieved, but I do not think the gentleman ever heard the correction. In times like this I tend to say what I hope Canon is saying very loudly so that the other adult hears me. I hope we did not offend him today. It did give me a little laugh and a little embarrassment though!

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lindsayw4 said...

Hi Robin! I thought this was so funny because Alyssa tends to say "hey" to everyone too. I'm always telling her to say "hi" and to be nice because a lot of times the 'hey' is not very friendly. I'm going to check out some of those books too, they look great:)