Thursday, September 11, 2008


One of our close friends posted about her daughter and socks and I couldn't help but laugh thinking of my boys! Bo is similar to our little friend. He does not like socks. We have only had to wear them a couple of times, but he was not happy about it. The other night I had socks on him and we were eating dinner. He normally slurps the food off the spoon, but that night he was tugging at his toes and would hardly eat. I helped him pull the socks off and he finished the rest of his dinner!

Canon is quite the opposite. I am trying to figure out where the baby's clothes will go and how the room will be set up to be the most functional. I know it is early, but I wanted to at least have the pj's drawer cleared out....I still have a lot of work to do! Anyway, I moved all of the boy's socks to a basket under the dresser. They are still very accessible, but not taking up drawer space. Well, obviously they are a little too accessible and Canon does not realize how big his feet are. All of our kid socks are in the basket, from newborn to 24 month. So, not all of them fit him that great. He pulls out several pairs, pulls them all apart, then asks me to put them on him. One night or morning, I can't remember, he ended up in his shorts pj's with navy blue socks on and his crocs. Yes, he is a little old man in the makings! He has slept several nights with socks on that are much to small. I am pretty strict about what he can wear in public as far as the socks go, but for around the house he is giving me a good laugh!

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Lisa said...

Funny the things that bother some kids and other kids love. I thought it was funny that Bo didn't want to eat with his socks on. Sounds just like something Addison would do!