Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Special Visit

Two weekends ago my in-laws came for a visit. We love having them in our home and the boys especially love the extra attention when they're around. A couple of funny memories have come from their visit that I hope you'll enjoy.

Papaw is Mr. Fix-it. While he was here I had all kinds of things that needed repair. He started out with the most difficult, a breast-pump motor and a chainsaw (play) with a loose wire. Amazingly, he fixed both of them. So, I sent him down the list of other things that could use his attention. The last thing Papaw repaired was the rack that holds the toilet paper on the wall. It came off right after Albert left so I just kept telling Canon that Papaw would fix it when he came. Now, almost every time Canon goes to the bathroom in my bathroom he says, "Thank you Papaw" when he pulls the toilet paper off.

OK, here's the funny one! Also while Papaw and Granny were here, we went for a couple of walks. Now, we go for a walk almost every morning, so this was nothing new. But walks will never be the same after their visit! A little over half way around, Canon sounds the "potty" alarm. Of course there is not a bathroom in sight. So, I suggest a tree. Papaw rushes him over, strips down his lower half and tries to get him to lean over. Granny and I are trying to make a little wall and encourage him to go quickly. He was so busy looking around that nothing happened. So, Granny poured some cold water on his gentleman parts, we are dying laughing and of course this didn't work. So, she tried his foot. By this point he is just loving all of the attention and not interested in pottying. We continue home and the rest of the walk is uneventful. The next day we head out again and right at the same spot Canon sounds the alarm again. This time we left it all up to Papaw. We found a tree with a little more cover, Papaw held him in "the position" and we waited. Next thing you know, Granny asks "Was that poop?" Oh yes, my little guy was pooping in the wild.......though it was not so wild with a busy street right behind us. We died laughing again, cleaned him up and headed home. Now, every time we go for a walk and get near this tree, Canon says "Potty, Mama." I have told him that he has to hold it and we only potty under a tree when Papaw is around!

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