Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Doctor's Appointments

The boys had well-baby visits today. Let me just say that I was not happy about the wait. I am not feeling well, just a sore throat and headache, but I am more irritable than normal. So, waiting is not my friend. Well, again we were early! Twelve minutes early at check-in. This is an achievement in itself with two little ones and a 9 am appointment. And we waited and waited. Canon played a little bit but then was getting out of control, so we practiced self-control while waiting and waiting some more thinking they would surely call us back any time now. Three families were called back and checked out and we were still waiting. We had to be next! They call our name, we weigh the boys and I check the time, we waited an hour past our appointment time just to be called back to a room! At this point I was a little irritated, then our favorite nurse, the reason we still go to this office was not even there, then we waited another 25 minutes for the doctor to come into the room. We didn't even need shots! But, we did survive.

So, here's the info we received. Canon weighs 34 lbs. and is 35 inches tall. He is getting a referral to an Optometrist for a possible lazy eye. So, we might have some pirate pictures coming up. Otherwise he is doing great and she seemed to be impressed that he is pooping in the toilet.

Boaz weighed 18 lbs. 6 oz. I'm not sure how long he is, but I have it written down and his head was 46 cm. around. She always seems concerned about him. This time she was worried that his head is growing so much faster than the rest of his body and he is not pulling up or cruising. Last time she was worried that he had not gained much weight and was not sitting or putting weight on his legs. I feel like we always leave with a homework assignment with this little guy. I really feel a peace about his big brain. I think if she saw Canon, Boaz and Cousin Cody, she would realize that they all just have giant brains because they are geniuses! But, we'll see what needs to be done.

I have a great deal of anxiety leading up to doctor's appointments for the boys. I feel like all of my mothering and training is on the line and I could be tested in any area, am I prepared? Have I worked on the right things? Where am I lacking? She did ask Canon to show her his ears, nose and teeth. Of course he knows those. So, I feel like we got an A on body parts identification. I always feel like I need to show off everything the boys are capable of. Does anyone else feel like this? With Boaz I often say, "No, he's not doing that, but he can do this." Like, isn't this good to? You would think I was more relaxed with the second one, but I just feel like I am being put on trial and have to prove myself in a very short amount of time. It's not like she sees us outside of the office....Ugh, I should just relax.

We did get some free formula though, so that was a huge blessing. That stuff is so expensive!

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