Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ugh, not a good day!

After waking up at 4:45 am to drop Albert off, coming back home and forcing the boys to go to sleep, then missing my nap, we headed to the grocery store. Upon pulling in the parking lot I knew that I made a huge mistake. Military retirees love a good sale and a "case-lot sale" is like the queen of them all. The parking lot was packed. I found a pretty good spot and was still optimistic of our shopping time. I got the boys and our grocery bags out of the car and headed in. Then my phone started ringing. There is no way to answer a cell phone with one baby on your hip and your other hand holding 10 grocery bags and your other child's hand. So, I let it ring. Once I got in the store, I noticed that my worse fear related to grocery shopping had come true! There was not a single "rocket" cart available. Not only that, there were not any carts and the check out lines were stacked! And, my cell was ringing again. So, I sat Canon on a wheel chair and called my friend back quickly. Thankfully it was not an emergency and while I was on the phone and Canon was hoping from one wheelchair to the next, one of the baggers brought in a few carts. So, I buckled Bo in and sat Canon in the back and we were off on our mission. The shopping was going pretty well considering all of the people, then the other "dreaded" happened. Canon shouted, "Potty Mama!!" We quickly turn for the bathroom, get caught behind an older man who is not in a hurry and not moving to the side and get to the bathroom just in time to see a lady push her kids into the family stall. Our options now are to ask a newly trained two year old to hold it, or tackle to stalls. I pull Bo out of the cart and we head in to the handicap stall. And there, God had a blessing waiting for us! There was a little chair screwed to the side of the stall. I always wondered if people really used the chair and yesterday, we did! Canon pottied and we were back to our mission. Then, we were headed to get cheese and check out when I noticed that the line to check out was backed up to the cheese. So, we hopped in line and picked up our last items as we passed them. Canon sounded the potty alarm again and I told him that he did not need to go and he would have to hold it. Within a couple of minutes a gentleman came up to us and putting his hand on my cart asked if that was all I had. I said yes and he told me to go to the Express checkout line! I could have hugged him. That statement and the chair in the stall were the best things I could have hoped for! So, we survived our trip to the grocery store, but I will force myself to go in the morning from now on!

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