Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Things Little Ones Say!

Canon is coming out with all kinds of phrases these days, but these little stories are not about him. I have just started teaching a little dance class for some friends of ours through church. It is awesome and I am very excited to be back in the dance mindset. Last week, one of the little girls said something that made me almost burst out laughing. She reminded me of another funny thing that happened in my class in Enid. I'll start with the Enid girl, then last weeks girl.

I think it was the beginning of class one day right after I found out I was pregnant with Canon. When we found out for him, we told everyone within about 48 hours. Even strangers knew! Well, on this Tuesday this little girl comes into class and holds out a dime. She said, "I want you to have this so you can buy stuff for your baby." I thought it was so sweet that I nearly laughed and cried. I told her mom and asked if she would mind if I kept the dime. It is one of the few items and stories that have made it's way into Canon's baby book.

Now, last weeks little girl was hilarious. Most of the kiddos in this class are very chatty. This week they did much better, but last week was crazy! In the middle of stretching she says, "Angels live in California, and Jesus lives in your heart." One little girl offered a correction saying that angels live with God in heaven. I told them both that it was not time to talk about angels and we needed to be quiet. I have gotten quite a few laughs out of this little conversation though. I probably should have addressed it a little more, but I was trying to stay on task.

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Erica said...

Actually, if I might correct you, the baseball team "Angels" is in Los Angeles. So she actually did have it right -- Angels in CA, and Jesus in your heart.