Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Duck

I have enjoyed keeping up with a few of my friend's who are having their first babies and have blogs dedicated to their pregnancy. I have not been able to keep track of this pregnancy well enough to have a separate blog about it, but will give little updates as the occur. Well, on 10.05.08 my belly seemed to jump out. I was just looking at the picture and I do not look as big in the pic as I felt that day. Though, I was likely holding my belly in for the pic. I don't think I've taken a single belly pic without tightening up my belly.... even at the end when it doesn't help. I guess it is just habit. So, today I am 14 weeks. I have a doctor's appointment next Thursday, which I am very excited about. At that appointment I will schedule the ultra-sound. I am really excited about this. So much sewing is hanging on that ultra-sound!

I have been slightly concerned about this pregnancy though. Obviously it has made me more of a worrier and much more likely to cry. With Canon I felt pretty normal, hormonally speaking. With Boaz I was grouchy and irritable more than I was with Canon, but still felt pretty good. With this little one I am more teary, but feel completely normal other than my belly swelling a little. In fact, at my first doctor's appointment, my doctor asked me if I was sure I was pregnant. I had been wondering the same thing and it still crosses my mind some days. With both of the boys I was sick sort of randomly. With Canon it was mainly at the beginning and Boaz was any time of day, but it would hit and be gone. I have only hugged the toilet one time with this pregnancy and it was just precautionary! That has been a huge blessing, but it makes me feel uncertain. After two doctor's appointments and two ultra-sounds, I have not heard a strong heartbeat or been giving a heart rate number. This is not comfortable. I am anxious to start feeling the baby moving and know that everything is OK. So, anyway, please pray that this baby is healthy and strong. I know that every pregnancy is different, but this one doesn't feel like a pregnancy at all. Maybe it's a girl or a boy! Ha! We'll just have to see. Until then, here is Baby Duck's first appearance. Treasure it because it will be a little while before another belly pic appears.


Lauren McClain said...

Oh Robin! Your pooch is so precious! I love it! You're going to get cuter with every day!

I'm so sorry this has been such an uneasy pregnancy so far. I know Albert getting home will be a huge load off, but that doctor's appointment will REALLY give you the peace of mind you need. The Lord knows how this will turn out and has you in the grip of His grace. We're praying for you guys, and especially your little one. We love you!

Leatrice said...

The part on this entry about scheduling the U/S would lead me to believe you might be finding out the gender of baby duck...are you?