Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I promise not to get very deep with this, but I just have to say something. I am always a little overwhelmed with politicians and election time. I hate the commercials and "pick a side" mentality that lasts so long before the big day arrives. I do not enjoy the bickering back and forth and pointing out each other's weaknesses and failures. Is this how I want my children to interact? NOO! Personally, I'd rather hear exactly what each person wants to do and I can figure out the differences between the candidates.

Any who, a friend recently said something along these lines and it really has stuck with me: With the economy the way it is and the election coming up, maybe Americans need to realize that Christ is the only stable thing that we can rely on.

I'm not sure if that's exactly what she said, but that has been my thought each time I hear about the race. I do have to wonder what it is going to take for each individual, American and Immigrant, to realize that Jesus Christ is the only one we can count on. If it means Senator Obama is president, then God's will be done. If it means Senator McCain is president, then God's will be done. If it means we all have to rent because no one can pay their mortgage, then God's will be done. What is the focus of our lives? Is it serving Christ? Or is it seeking the "American Dream"? Is anyone really living "The American Dream"? When Moses left Pharaoh's house and visited the Hebrews, he left the American Dream and counted it a blessing to be tortured and banished for Christ's sake. What are we willing to sacrifice for Jesus Christ?

Also, I think we need to strive to be debt free. Maybe we all need a little lifestyle change!

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