Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Manager of my home

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about several books that I have been reading. Well, I've put most of them down and decided to read one at a time. This is a much better plan as my crazy brain cannot remember where I left off and bookmarks seem to disappear. So, while I have not finished Managers of Their Homes, I am trying to continue to implement the concepts. It has been a great source of organization for my days. Sometimes they still seem long and like they start off in a hurry and fully loaded, but we seem to be accomplishing something.

In the past week I have gotten my sewing machine out on a few occasions. I accumulated a ton of material while in Colorado this summer and have been waiting for this deployment to put it all together. Well, obviously I have also been putting it off. So, a few days ago I put my fears aside and got the machine out. I have some great anxiety about my machine, I feel very nervous and unsure of myself when I think about using it. But, when I actually get it out, I can figure it out. So, anyway, one night I cut most of the materiel. Over the course of a few different sittings, I have put a lot of it together. I've made baby blankets and burp cloths and my Halloween costume. I still have some work to do, but this is great progress.

So, with the help of Managers of Their Homes, I have organized my evening activities. This has been such a relief. We already have our baths and things like that scheduled, but I felt like I was still floundering a bit after the boys went to bed. So, now I am cleaning and prepping for the next day for about 30 minutes. (This actually was not scheduled but seems to happen anyway.) Then, every third night I either read, sew, or visit the computer. This plan has relieved me of some guilt of wanting to read and sew as often as possible and has helped me restrict my computer time. I think I am enjoying it already!

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Kim said...

Sounds like you've got a good plan. I find myself wondering what I'm going to do as well after the kids go to bed. However, it's not for the lack of things to do. I have to make a decision. I think you understand.

My bookmarks disappear as well. For some reason little hands find them quite fascinating.

I think you'll love Shepherding a Child's Heart. I finished it yesterday. It's an easy read full of Biblical thoughts on childrearing.