Thursday, October 2, 2008

So sweet and sad

Canon seems to have come down with quite a cold. I was sick last week with a sore throat and cough and he seems to have caught it. His eyes have been red and a little droopy and he has had MUCH less energy then normal. Tonight I was giving the boys a bath and Canon kept fussing at Boaz and just was not enjoying his bath, which is very out of the ordinary for him. So, I washed him quickly and wrapped him in a towel. I held him in my arms to settle him down and before I knew it, he was asleep! Naked, wrapped in a towel, with his brother still in the tub, sleeping. It was such a sweet moment. It took me a little while to decide what to do. I couldn't very well leave Boaz in the tub to lay Canon in bed. I didn't want to wake Canon up until I was ready to dress him and lay him down. I finally decided to lay Canon on the rug, wash Boaz quickly and take them both to bed. It's a good thing that was my choice because the water was cold! Canon is a little snuggler, but he almost never falls asleep in my arms any more. It was such a sweet moment that I hated to let it pass. After I got him dressed I asked him to just lay in his bed until I gave Boaz his bottle and laid him down, then I would rock him if he was still awake. Well, he was asleep of course. And my heart was a little sad. I hate it when he is sick, but I do enjoy his snuggles. Please pray that he feels better soon.


Lauren McClain said...

What a sweet story!!! Poor Canon. I hope he feels better soon!!!

Lisa said...

Isn't it hard when they are sick? It makes me feel so bad for them and I want to take it away and make them better, yet there's nothing I can do. I hope Canon feels better soon and that Bo doesn't get it.

tillery said...

(I just caught up on your blogs, and decided to crawl out of my quiet little hole and make a comment.) :)

I'd just like to say that the world needs more mommies like you. This story is just precious.