Friday, October 10, 2008

Canon Says:

"Good job fire mama!"

"Good job fire truck mama!"

"Good job fire fighter mama!"

On Saturday a fire truck parade came past our house. We ran outside to watch the trucks. Later that day we went over to the fire house for Sparky's birthday party and a free lunch. Canon was able to sit on a fire truck and look at the firefighters. We even got the see them get dressed quickly and head out with their lights on for a power outage. On Wednesday we were in the back yard and noticed a class leaving the fire house. We waved to Sparky and a few firefighters, then decided to walk over. We were given the VIP treatment. Canon was able to give Sparky a high-five and take a picture with him. He was given the grand tour of the fire truck and the firefighter turned on the siren while Canon was in the seat. We even received a plastic fire fighter hat! Canon cannot get enough of this hat. Again, pictures will come later, but we have enjoyed Fire Prevention week.

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Erica said...

so cute! i love having boys!

i tagged you in my blog, so check it out--your turn next!