Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canon's funny words cont.

Here are a few more funny things that Canon can be heard saying these days:

"Don't eat my pizza Lauren." This phrase came after a friend visited for dinner and he was not in the mood to share. It has come with correction!

"Good Job Mama!"

I need to write these down during the day so I can remember them! He is always cracking me up. One of the sweet things he says is, "Go see Daddy." A couple of weeks ago I woke the boys up about an hour after I laid them down, to pick up Albert. Now Canon would like to pick him up every night. I would too!

"Papaw fix it."

"Canon park more."

"Canon not potty anymore."

"Canon not play part anymore."

"Don't spank my anymore." This one is reprimanded!

I'll have to keep thinking.......

1 comment:

Lauren McClain said...

Ha ha! I didn't eat your pizza, Canon!!!! :) He cracks me up!