Friday, October 17, 2008

New Ride

This is our new ride. Actually, we bought it about two months ago and I have just uploaded the pictures..... but it still feels new! I researched double strollers for about a year or more when this beauty revealed itself to me. This stroller did cross my path while researching, but it seemed too expensive and a little cumbersome with buying the single stroller and the added seat. Well, our neighbor's bought it and gave me a demo. I liked it right away. A month or more later, our neighbor let us borrow their stroller for a couple of days so we could really try it out. Albert took it for a jog and I took it for a walk or two. It was so easy to push and use. I could not believe how smooth the ride was, especially for a double! So, after much conversation, we took the plunge and brought this ride home. It has been just the right stroller for us. My father-in-law asked if there was a way to attach a trailer to it....well, there's not, but Canon is learning to walk beside me or the stroller and learning the rules of walking freedom. So, enjoy the pics! Baby Bo hangs out in the front seat whenever Canon will have the option of walking or riding. He really enjoys both seats though.
This is one way to use the stroller with two toddlers or when both children are over 6 months old.
Here is another configuration. Bo was supposed to take a nap while we were out, so I went ahead and laid him in the bottom to protect him from the weather and let him get some rest.
Here is Baby Bo sleeping behind Canon.

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